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Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

Red Bank High School
Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

As a 1:1 Technology Environment, Red Bank High School encourages the use of devices as a means of instruction under staff supervision. Only under the consent and the direct supervision of a classroom teacher, for the purposes of enhancing educational instruction, may an electronic device be used in an academic setting during instructional time. Any classroom use of an electronic device is at teacher discretion.

Red Bank High School will allow students to use their cell phones or electronic devices in non-instructional areas before school, during lunch, in hallways during passing periods, after school, or at teacher discretion within the classroom. Cell phones and devices must remain on silent mode at all times so that no audible ring tones or noises are heard. Recreational usage, in non-instructional areas and times, is restricted to activities such as checking the time, texting, or utilizing apps and general features on the phone/device such as calculators, notes, etc. Listening to music in non-instructional areas is also allowed, but limited to the use with single ear bud only. Over the ear or on the ear headphones are not allowed.

Students are restricted at all times within the building and on campus from using their cell phone or electronic device, in the following manner:
Making or receiving phone calls
Using any recording feature to include the phone/device cameras, video camera, or voice recorders (unless under teacher supervision for an instructional purpose)
Using real-time audio/video, i.e. Skyping, FaceTime, etc. (unless under teacher supervision for an instructional purpose)
Use of the phone/device's internal speaker or external speakers for music, or any other reason.

This policy is designed to protect the educational program of all students. The use of student cell phones or other electronic devices on campus is a privilege, not a right. Students found by staff members to be in violation of any of the above stated rules or restrictions are subject to administrative discipline, which may result in confiscation of the cell phone/device. Students using cell phones or electronic devices in any manner that violates our school rules of conduct, or using their device for unlawful purposes will be subject to more severe discipline action, up to and including extended suspension and/or expulsion.

Notice to parents: Please do not contact or communicate with students during instructional time via cell phones. All emergency contact to the student must go through the main office, attendance office, or nurse's office when necessary. In most cases, a student may be given permission to use a classroom or administrative telephone to contact a parent/guardian.

Students bringing cellular phones or electronic devices to school, do so at their own risk. Neither the Hamilton County Department of Education, nor Red Bank High School will assume any liability for any lost, stolen or damaged cell phones or electronic devices in school, or any school related activity.
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