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RBHS Purpose Statement


The purpose of Red Bank High School is to enable all students to graduate at their highest academic achievement and with the social preparation needed to be globally competitive and responsible citizens.

RBHS Vision Statement


The Red Bank High School community will empower all students to become collaborators, critical thinkers, and digitally literate problem solvers.

About RBHS

History of Red Bank High School

Red Bank High School began as an extension to the one year old Red Bank Junior High School in 1938. Recognizing that the original plans for the school serving grades 7, 8, and 9 were not fulfilling the needs of the Red Bank community and surrounding areas, the Hamilton County Board of Education added a 10th grade in 1938, an 11th grade in 1939, and finally a 12th grade in 1940.

During the three years of movement toward being a complete high school, Red Bank High School created its unique identity in the area. Blue and white were chosen as the school’s colors, and the Lion was selected as the mascot. A school newspaper was created called the Blue and White, while the yearbook was named the Roar. The first senior class, consisting of 50 students, graduated in 1941.

Due to the booming population growth in the area of the school, the Board of Education built several additions to the original building. Additions in 1939, 1944, and 1955 not only opened up new classrooms but also provided an auditorium, a band room, a music room, and athletic facilities. With the opening of a new Red Bank Junior High School in 1960, grades 7 – 9 were removed from Red Bank High School, opening up much more space for the increasing school population and for a much needed home economics department.

During the 1970 – 1971 school year, a new cafeteria, study hall, and gymnasium were added and the old cafeteria space was renovated for use by the JROTC department.Recognizing that the limited acreage of the campus on Dayton Boulevard prohibited further growth, Red Bank High School changed campuses with Red Bank Junior High School in the summer of 1982. The new campus on Morrison Springs Road offered 54 acres of space for new growth and development. Four new additions to the campus have provided valuable facilities. In 1982, a wing was built to house the JROTC department; in 1983 a new football stadium was completed. Then in 1986 a wing was built to accommodate the move of the 9th grade back into the Red Bank High School student body, and in 1991 a wing was opened with a new gymnasium, cafeteria, conference room, and library, as well as offices and classrooms.

Today, RBHS has a student enrollment that fluctuates between 725-800. Red Bank has been a leader in Hamilton County School in academics, athletics, and fine arts. We have had numerous National Merit Scholars; we have won state championships in wrestling, football, and softball.

Meeting the needs of the entire individual is still a priority at Red Bank High School, and a multitude of programs exist to help the students develop into well adjusted, productive members of society. Being named a National School of Excellence in 1993 is the best example of the success of Red Bank High School, its faculty, its students, and its community.

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