Red Bank High School

What Is the Social Media Marketing Institute?

The Social Media Marketing and Sports Management Institute at Red Bank High School is an exciting opportunity for students to experience first hand how to run aspects of business, from managing and analyzing social media marketing campaigns to day-to-day logistics decisions and activities. Students in this hands-on Institute will get fantastic real-life business experience as they run sales and marketing campaigns for RBHS sports and clubs, work in production and logistics for the school’s ROAR Store, create engaging content and analyze social media posts for RBHS sports teams and organizations, innovate new business ideas and pitch the ideas in Shark Tank style competition, and make day-to-day operational decisions and manage the front-end of the school ROAR Store at each home sporting event. These opportunities not only create an enjoyable learning experience of business concepts, but students leave with key workplace skills such as communication, collaboration, initiative, and professionalism consistent with the high-stakes standards in a highly competitive 21st century business environment. Combined with high academic standards, opportunities for technology certifications, and early college credit opportunities, students will leave the Social Media Marketing and Sports Management Institute ready to confidently pursue goals in college and the business world.


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